Frequently Asked Questions, tips, and help


Q: How do I install The Scratch Pro?

A: We pre-install 3M Command Medium Picture Hanging Strips on the top and the bottom of The Scratch Pro.  All you have to do is peel the backing from the strips facing outwards, and affix to a door, a wall, etc.  If you place it slightly crooked, you don't have to worry about it, just carefully pull from one side outwards, and the connection will break between the strips leaving one half of the connection on the wall, and the other on the unit itself.  You then just press it back onto the wall with it level, making sure to press on the cardboard insert, so that you aren't pushing on the acrylic bonds which could lead to breakage.

Q: How do I get my cats to use The Scratch Pro?

A: With some cats, simply installing the unit on the wall will is all it will take, especially if they've scratched on these disposable cardboard scratchers before.  A simple little picking at the cardboard with your fingers to make the sound they are familiar with can be another little thing you can do, when they are near and watching you.  Placing some catnip on the cardboard can also help, as well as using catnip infused cardboard scratchers.  We would love to include these, but they are considerably more expensive, so we leave it up to you with what cardboard inserts you use in the long run.

Placing a toy the cats like on top of the scratcher has been a great tool for me, to get the remaining hold outs using the scratcher.  Dangling part of a toy over the top edge will cause them to stretch to reach it, and will, after a few tries, often lead to the cat realizing it can scratch while it's stretched out.

Lastly, experiment with the height of The Scratch Pro.  I've mentioned elsewhere, but the strips we use are 3M Command Medium Picture Hanging Strips, and are available at more stores than not.  You can try and place a second pair of strips at different heights.  Just place new strips onto the existing strips on the unit itself, and remove the adhesive, and place the unit on the wall at the new height.  Some like it higher, some lower, so you can experiment.  Also, having multiple units, near problem areas like an upstairs and downstairs sofa, is also encouraged to eliminate those unwanted behaviors.

Q: How should I clean The Scratch Pro?

A: The Scratch Pro is made out of acrylic.  This makes it pretty easy to clean.  The only real concern is to not use abrasives as this could scratch the surface.  Water, soap and water, a soft cloth, or most household cleaners should work fine.  If you're unsure, test your cleaner on the inside panel or some other spot you would not normally see first.

Q: How do I remove The Scratch Pro, or move it?

A: If you need to move or remove The Scratch Pro, it's quite simple.  You just pull from one side outwards, which breaks the connection between the 3M Command strips, which then leaves you with The Scratch Pro removed and 2 strips on the wall.  Set the unit aside and one at a time, grab the pull tab for the Command strip and pull in line with the wall, as if you are trying to slide it away from itself by pulling on it.  This causes the strip to stretch out, which makes the bonds with the wall break and come off cleanly.  Repeat this process for the other strip on the wall.  You can purchase 3M Command Medium Picture Hanging Strips at a plethora of locations, including most grocery stores, pharmacies, "big box" stores, and of course online at the usual places.  You just need one "pair" to replace the strips that attach to the wall.  You don't really ever need to remove the strips from The Scratch Pro, but if you do, they can be removed the same way.

Q: There is a small section that has come unglued, can I repair this?

A: Due to variances in the width of cast acrylic, sometimes the edges of the acrylic can form smaller bonds that can be broken.  We try really hard to make sure we double and triple check our acrylic welds, but sometimes they can break and leave a gap.  In our experience with our testing, even with these slight issues, The Scratch Pro will usually continue to perform fine.  You can use common CA glue (Cyanoacrylate), which is just your classic "super glue" to make repairs if needed.